What we forget

Often people forget that I’m more than just a teacher. I am a swimmer, runner, coach, daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, an adventurer, a photographer and so much more. I completed my undergraduate degree at Ohio University with a major in Photojournalism. A few trips around the sun and I realized I wanted to pursue teaching. A few years into teaching, I started to realize I need to be doing more of what I preach. Which is to take pictures!

We often forget who people are. We are more than just the surface. The science teacher who loves art, the business man who loves body building, or the tattoo artist who loves math. We all have desires, passions and hobbies. People often forget that their Photography teacher… takes pictures. It is important for me to share my work and photography experiences, with my students.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to take photographs for a dear friend. It felt like the perfect storm. The weather was perfect, not too cold and not too hot. The sun was hiding behind clouds. The children’s outfits were straight out of pinterest. I had wonderful mothers who could act goofy to make their children smile and the kids were the sweetest I had ever met. All of the pieces fell into place this past weekend, which allowed me to remember two things. I love photography and I am more than just a teacher.