That one photo...

I talk about it all the time with my students. That one photo that you wished you snapped.

In my case it’s the one photo I wish I took is in San Francisco. But this post is about another photo I wish I took, but differently. As a teacher and a photographer, I am my worst critic. I tell my students all the time, “don’t forget to change your settings when you go from inside to outside!” Which was just my luck. This summer I was traveling Italy with my family for my Mom’s birthday. It was incredible!

We were sitting outside at a restaurant in an alley grabbing lunch. I was taking in the scenery, admiring the the green vines growing up buildings, windows open letting the summer breeze come into apartments, and people walking about eating gelato. I noticed a woman, smoking a cigarette lean out of a window just above us to observe the people walking by. Quickly I snapped a photo in hopes that I got the moment. I looked at the image and noticed it was too dark and I needed to change my settings. I went to change the settings on the camera and she was no where to be found.

I was bummed. Not only did I not frame the image the way I wished, but the woman was now gone. Now as I reflect back on the image, I have to admit, it is one of my favorites from the trip. As you can see, I made the image black and white. I feel as though it adds a different feel to the image and makes me think of the history and depth that Italy has.

With photography and in life, our more disappointing images or moments, might actually be one of our best images or most memorable moments.

italy_bw_with name.jpg