Key West, Florida

Happy Thursday!  It has been an adventurous and busy summer.  Recently I went to Key West, Florida to do some exploring and see what the most southern part of our country is all about.  

I have to admit, Key West is gorgeous, has incredible food but it is SO HOT! I didn't know what to expect when I got there and maybe I should have done some research before hand.  We went at possibly the hottest and most humid time of the year.  Although the weather wasn't ideal, we still had fun, explored and saw all of Key West! 

I am a bit of a nerd so every day we woke up, got breakfast, explored a specific part of the town, and then relaxed by the pool or beach before getting ready for the night.  Key West isn't just a party town, it has a lot of history to offer.  For example there is the Ernest Hemingway house, which has 55 cats on the property! 

Before I bore you, here are some pictures from the little getaway! Enjoy!