The Aquarium

What I would give to be a kid again.  Being an adult has its perks.  If I am hungry and I want something to eat, I can buy it or make it myself.  Verse being a kid, I can still ask for something specific to eat but I might not always get that.  Kids can make that innocent or sad face and get what they want, but at thirty years old I can't get away with that.

This weekend my boyfriend and I had the privilege of babysitting his niece, 7, and his nephew, 8.  He had these grand ideas of going to the Point Pleasant boardwalk, playing games, going mini golfing, making their own pizzas and doing a sundae bar.  All great ideas and we did all of it! Plus we went to the aquarium, came home with a large amount of toys plus a hermit crab.  

During this adventure to the boardwalk, I brought my camera along with me and I snapped a few pictures.