Portraits and a Proposal

It's officially May, which means it's my favorite month and there are some exciting things going on! 

This week I had two photography shoots.  I started the week off taking photographs of the lovely Zoey at the Allaire State Park.  In a few days Zoey will be celebrating her first birthday!  It was a beautiful day at the park to take pictures of the adorable Zoey.  Since Zoey is turning one, it was a lot of fun taking pictures of her and having different outfit changes allowed us to get more pictures.

Then this Saturday I photographed Bobby proposing to his girlfriend Anne at the Race Street Pier in Philadelphia.  A mutual friend connected Bobby and myself for this wonderful life event that he had planned.  All week myself and Bobby kept an eye on the weather.  It went from raining to sunny, back to rain and eventually was just cloudy.  Although it wasn't the best weather, Bobby's proposal made it a beautiful day! 

Below are some of the pictures from this past week.  Stay tuned for more pictures, or maybe you'll be up next! Schedule a time now to have your pictures taken!