When three becomes four

Family.  It means everything to me and for many other people out there.  Family members are often the ones who are your biggest supporters and the ones who pick you up when you fall.  

This other weekend I had the opportunity to photograph a family that is growing.  Two of my friends are getting prepared for their second child.  I remember what friends and family have told me about the second child.  Often the first child is celebrated more than the second.  Regardless if it is your first, second, third etc child, you should be celebrating each child equally.  This couple does just that.  

We went to Allaire State Park on a Sunday morning and I tried to capture this adorable growing family.  I have started to noticed that children aren't exactly easiest to photograph.  Sometimes they are shy, crying, happy, hungry, and every emotion in between. At first when I met their daughter she was shy, but soon enough she started smiling and stopping to pose for her picture.  

Check out some of the photos below!