Welcome to the new BrittanyBott.com! 

It has been quite a journey! In case you don't know me, let me flash back about seven years ago.  I graduated a year prior from Ohio University and was living in Florida.  I had been exploring the idea of freelance photography while working as an assistant to a Sports Illustrated photographer.  Then one day I decided to move home.  When I returned home I started coaching a female high school swim team and I also went back to graduate school in order to pursue a career as a teacher. 

Flash forward to present day 2017 and here I am.  I'm in my fifth year as a high school Technology Education teacher and rapidly approaching 30. 

My career as a teacher has allowed me to teach high school students about areas that I find interesting (graphic design and photography) and it has given me the ability to learn more about my career in photography.  Photography to me has been a way to creatively express yourself and tell the story of others. As a child I wanted to meet every single person in the entire world.  I know its a little extreme, but photography and teaching, has allowed me to come a little closer to that childhood dream.  Throughout college I focused predominately on sports photography and adaptive sports.  Where currently I find myself more geared towards telling your story through portraits of you and your loved ones.

I hope that as I continue my journey in the photography world, you will check out what I have been up to.  Lastly if you are looking to schedule an appointment or consultation, please email me at BritBott@gmail.com Thank you for checking out my site and I look forward to meeting with you!