What we forget

Often people forget that I’m more than just a teacher. I am a swimmer, runner, coach, daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, an adventurer, a photographer and so much more. I completed my undergraduate degree at Ohio University with a major in Photojournalism. A few trips around the sun and I realized I wanted to pursue teaching. A few years into teaching, I started to realize I need to be doing more of what I preach. Which is to take pictures!

We often forget who people are. We are more than just the surface. The science teacher who loves art, the business man who loves body building, or the tattoo artist who loves math. We all have desires, passions and hobbies. People often forget that their Photography teacher… takes pictures. It is important for me to share my work and photography experiences, with my students.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to take photographs for a dear friend. It felt like the perfect storm. The weather was perfect, not too cold and not too hot. The sun was hiding behind clouds. The children’s outfits were straight out of pinterest. I had wonderful mothers who could act goofy to make their children smile and the kids were the sweetest I had ever met. All of the pieces fell into place this past weekend, which allowed me to remember two things. I love photography and I am more than just a teacher.


That one photo...

I talk about it all the time with my students. That one photo that you wished you snapped.

In my case it’s the one photo I wish I took is in San Francisco. But this post is about another photo I wish I took, but differently. As a teacher and a photographer, I am my worst critic. I tell my students all the time, “don’t forget to change your settings when you go from inside to outside!” Which was just my luck. This summer I was traveling Italy with my family for my Mom’s birthday. It was incredible!

We were sitting outside at a restaurant in an alley grabbing lunch. I was taking in the scenery, admiring the the green vines growing up buildings, windows open letting the summer breeze come into apartments, and people walking about eating gelato. I noticed a woman, smoking a cigarette lean out of a window just above us to observe the people walking by. Quickly I snapped a photo in hopes that I got the moment. I looked at the image and noticed it was too dark and I needed to change my settings. I went to change the settings on the camera and she was no where to be found.

I was bummed. Not only did I not frame the image the way I wished, but the woman was now gone. Now as I reflect back on the image, I have to admit, it is one of my favorites from the trip. As you can see, I made the image black and white. I feel as though it adds a different feel to the image and makes me think of the history and depth that Italy has.

With photography and in life, our more disappointing images or moments, might actually be one of our best images or most memorable moments.

italy_bw_with name.jpg

Key West, Florida

Happy Thursday!  It has been an adventurous and busy summer.  Recently I went to Key West, Florida to do some exploring and see what the most southern part of our country is all about.  

I have to admit, Key West is gorgeous, has incredible food but it is SO HOT! I didn't know what to expect when I got there and maybe I should have done some research before hand.  We went at possibly the hottest and most humid time of the year.  Although the weather wasn't ideal, we still had fun, explored and saw all of Key West! 

I am a bit of a nerd so every day we woke up, got breakfast, explored a specific part of the town, and then relaxed by the pool or beach before getting ready for the night.  Key West isn't just a party town, it has a lot of history to offer.  For example there is the Ernest Hemingway house, which has 55 cats on the property! 

Before I bore you, here are some pictures from the little getaway! Enjoy!

The Aquarium

What I would give to be a kid again.  Being an adult has its perks.  If I am hungry and I want something to eat, I can buy it or make it myself.  Verse being a kid, I can still ask for something specific to eat but I might not always get that.  Kids can make that innocent or sad face and get what they want, but at thirty years old I can't get away with that.

This weekend I had the privilege of babysitting.  There were this grand ideas of going to the Point Pleasant boardwalk, playing games, going mini golfing, making their own pizzas and doing a sundae bar.  All great ideas and we did all of it! Plus we went to the aquarium, came home with a large amount of toys plus a hermit crab.  

During this adventure to the boardwalk, I brought my camera along with me and I snapped a few pictures. Here are a few!

When three becomes four

Family.  It means everything to me and for many other people out there.  Family members are often the ones who are your biggest supporters and the ones who pick you up when you fall.  

This other weekend I had the opportunity to photograph a family that is growing.  Two of my friends are getting prepared for their second child.  I remember what friends and family have told me about the second child.  Often the first child is celebrated more than the second.  Regardless if it is your first, second, third etc child, you should be celebrating each child equally.  This couple does just that.  

We went to Allaire State Park on a Sunday morning and I tried to capture this adorable growing family.  I have started to noticed that children aren't exactly easiest to photograph.  Sometimes they are shy, crying, happy, hungry, and every emotion in between. At first when I met their daughter she was shy, but soon enough she started smiling and stopping to pose for her picture.  

Check out some of the photos below!  

A Sunrise Engagement

It may be cold and raining outside today but this past weekend was filled with so much joy.  I photographed an engagement and a celebration of life! On Thursday morning AJ proposed to his girlfriend Katie during a sunrise at the Manasquan Inlet.  Then on Saturday I had the opportunity to photograph the cutest couple with their daughter and soon to be son!

For Thursday's proposal AJ and I had planned to meet at the Manasquan Inlet around 5:20am, just before sunrise.  I arrived early and thank goodness I did! I had planned to get there around 5am to position myself and determine where I wanted to hide.  It isn't easy to hide on the beach when you're alone and there are very minimal people there. 

When I arrived I waited near the back of the beach where people enter.  I saw a young couple arrive but I couldn't see their faces.  The boy had a black sweatshirt on with the hood up and the girl had blonde hair and a Rutgers University sweatshirt on.  I instantly thought it was them because Katie went to Rutgers and has blonde hair.

A couple minutes into taking pictures, I heard some voices.  I quickly noticed that the couple coming up on my left were actually Katie and AJ! For a good five minutes I was taking pictures of the wrong couple! Thankfully I was able to re-position myself and start to take pictures of them.

While I was taking pictures of Katie and AJ I could see how much love they have for each other. It felt as though you could feel their love for each other.  Maybe it was watching them on the beach with each other or capturing their special moment.  But I left the beach feeling inspired, beyond happy and overflowing with joy.  Below are some of the photographs from Thursday morning.  Enjoy!

Happy Friday!

It is finally Friday! This week was off to a slow start but it ended with exciting news as we head into this weekend.  I have booked a wedding! When I started this journey back into photography I had no idea what to expect.   I asked myself almost daily, "Will I even be able to schedule some photography shoots?"  It seems as though that question has been answered!

I am happy to be teaching what I love to students who might share the same passion.  But now that my passion and small business of photography is picking up, my happiness is through the roof.

I probably waited longer than I should have to get things started back up.  But luckily I have an extremely supportive family and boyfriend.  I am looking forward to what this chapter has to hold.  For now, here are some pictures from last night at the beach.

Portraits and a Proposal

It's officially May, which means it's my favorite month and there are some exciting things going on! 

This week I had two photography shoots.  I started the week off taking photographs of the lovely Zoey at the Allaire State Park.  In a few days Zoey will be celebrating her first birthday!  It was a beautiful day at the park to take pictures of the adorable Zoey.  Since Zoey is turning one, it was a lot of fun taking pictures of her and having different outfit changes allowed us to get more pictures.

Then this Saturday I photographed Bobby proposing to his girlfriend Anne at the Race Street Pier in Philadelphia.  A mutual friend connected Bobby and myself for this wonderful life event that he had planned.  All week myself and Bobby kept an eye on the weather.  It went from raining to sunny, back to rain and eventually was just cloudy.  Although it wasn't the best weather, Bobby's proposal made it a beautiful day! 

Below are some of the pictures from this past week.  Stay tuned for more pictures, or maybe you'll be up next! Schedule a time now to have your pictures taken! 

Happy Monday!

I am very fortunate to have family and friends that support me as I take on this journey with my little business. After just two weeks of putting myself out there, I have had multiple photography opportunities arise.  A proposal, engagement, weddings, events, first birthdays and even maternity pictures.  I thought I would have a summer off, sit at the beach and relax, but it seems that I will be busy! Which is so exciting! 

This weekend I had the pleasure of taking pictures of a close friend. She is an up and coming personal trainer in the Asbury Park and Belmar areas.  When I am working with a friend on stuff, it can lead to some awesome ideas. I had this idea to do a double exposure. For a double exposure photograph it involves Photoshop and at least two images.  One image is preferably a portrait and the other image can be your choice. As time continues, I am hoping to do a series of double exposure photographs.  

Stay tuned for more! And if you are interested in having pictures taken, contact me! 




Painting with Light

This past week I introduced my students to an activity called "Painting with Light."  For this activity all you need is a Digital SLR, a tripod, a dark room, and a light source.  The flash light app on smartphones work great these days! 

Step 1: Find a dark room and set up your Digital SLR on the tripod

Step 2: Determine what you want the F-Stop to be.  Preferably a large number such as F/25, this will allow more to be in focus and less light to come through the lens.

Step 3: Figure out what you want to create and set the shutter speed to a long enough exposure, such as 20 seconds. 

Step 4: Take some pictures and see how they turned out! 

Just some tips to keep in mind.  As you will see some of my students created flowers.  In order to do this you want to make sure you point the flash at the camera. If you want to show some of the person, you want to point the light on the person. 

This year the students did a great job! Below are some of their images.


Welcome to the new BrittanyBott.com! 

It has been quite a journey! In case you don't know me, let me flash back about seven years ago.  I graduated a year prior from Ohio University and was living in Florida.  I had been exploring the idea of freelance photography while working as an assistant to a Sports Illustrated photographer.  Then one day I decided to move home.  When I returned home I started coaching a female high school swim team and I also went back to graduate school in order to pursue a career as a teacher. 

Flash forward to present day 2017 and here I am.  I'm in my fifth year as a high school Technology Education teacher and rapidly approaching 30. 

My career as a teacher has allowed me to teach high school students about areas that I find interesting (graphic design and photography) and it has given me the ability to learn more about my career in photography.  Photography to me has been a way to creatively express yourself and tell the story of others. As a child I wanted to meet every single person in the entire world.  I know its a little extreme, but photography and teaching, has allowed me to come a little closer to that childhood dream.  Throughout college I focused predominately on sports photography and adaptive sports.  Where currently I find myself more geared towards telling your story through portraits of you and your loved ones.

I hope that as I continue my journey in the photography world, you will check out what I have been up to.  Lastly if you are looking to schedule an appointment or consultation, please email me at BritBott@gmail.com Thank you for checking out my site and I look forward to meeting with you!